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We loved offering free classes for the last 20 years! We have had amazing experts impart their knowledge and share their talents from edible gardening to pruning to making botanical wreaths.

You can find some of our recent classes on our YouTube Channel or in our Instagram Feed. Below are links to our most recent ones. We hope to find a new space where we can make room for more free classes! 

Recent Classes - Recording Available online

Container Design with Longevity in Mind  
Saturday, March 4th Watch now on YouTube

Susan Papanikolas is back to lead our last class. She will talk about creating a long-lasting display using evergreen anchors and interchangeable supporting plants that can be easily refreshed seasonally.
The goal is to create a display that can last perhaps until City People’s Garden Store finds its next home! Susan will discuss plant combinations and design and demonstrate planting up a pot and caring for it through the seasons. 

Instructor: Susan Papanikolas

Seed Starting and Early Season Tasks for the Edible Garden
Sunday, February 26th Watch now on YouTube

How do you decide what to start from seed and when to get sprouting? What do you need to do early in the season to ready your garden for edibles? This class, taught by author and Master Gardener Bill Thorness, will answer those questions and discuss site and soil consideration for a new garden, timing for crops and techniques like succession sowing. Bill will also have his books Edible Heirlooms and Cool Season Gardener available for sale.
Instructor: Bill Thorness

Why February is my Favorite Month to Garden  
Saturday, February 11th, 10:00 am – 11:00 am Watch Now on YouTube

February is a surprisingly great month to work in your garden!  As winter winds down, our gardens are getting ready for an explosion of growth in spring. Learn some tips and tricks for the very satisfying tasks of clearing away old growth and debris, controlling weeds, caring for the soil, and setting the stage for the growing season that is right around the corner.
Instructor: Susan Papanikolas

Houseplants for Your Lifestyle  
Saturday, January 28th – Watch now on Instagram

Not every houseplant thrives in the same conditions or care. Are you away from home often and need a hardy plant that can handle little  intervention? Are you open to increasing humidity near your plants or watering them more often? Learn which plants work best in low light and bright light, and find ones that suit a variety of schedules and environments. 
Instructor: Joscelyn Tarbox

One on One Houseplant Consultation & Repotting Services

We hope to offer this again in our future home: Personal advice from our houseplant experts. Our team gave care tips and could diagnose issues, help pick plants to purchase and did re-potting for customers. 

* Re-potting fees ranged from $5-$45 depending on materials needed. Pots needed to be purchased at the store.

Monthly Sharpening Services - CANCELLED

We have worked with Bob at Northwest Sharpening Services for over 30 years, but due to health issues, his service was paused. 

We wish him the best and speedy recovery!!

Houseplant Advice

One-on-One Houseplant Consultations

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