Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30-6:00
Sunday 10:00-6:00
Xmas Tree Lot Closed Mondays & Tuesdays
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30-6:00
Sunday 10:00-6:00
Xmas Tree Lot Closed Mondays & Tuesdays


Holidays 2022

We have hundreds of beautiful Washington Grown Christmas Trees here, with more arriving in the couple of weeks. Grown by a sustainable family farm and hand picked by current owner Alison and former owner Steve Magley, these trees are all special!

Due to staffing shortages, the Tree Lot will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays. We will be open until 7:00pm Wednesdays-Fridays in December. For a detail of Tree Lot hours, see below. 

Above, our sweet treelot inthe evening.  Below, In the greenhouse, wreaths, garland, decorating station, and Seasonal flowers.

Notes About Trees & Procedure

To extend the life of your tree, we suggest you: 
        • Get a fresh cut
        • Keep trees outside as long as you can 
        • Water your tree immediately. It may take 2-3 days for your tree to start taking up water. Refresh the water as needed
        • Keep trees away from heat sources, and keep the room cooler as well!
We do not take returns on Christmas trees.
* We are building custom wooden stand for 8-9′ trees and above only
* We are scheduling deliveries but cannot come inside again this year
* Delivery days may be limited to Tuesday thru Friday
* The Tree Lot will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Our trees look beautiful! We are so lucky to have worked with the same tree farm for 34 years!

Tree Lot Hours
Friday, Dec. 2nd: 12:00-7:00pm (more trees arrive)
Saturday, Dec. 3rd 9:30-6:00
Sunday Dec. 4th, 10:00-6:00
Wednesday Dec. 7th: 9:30-7:00pm
Thursday, Dec. 8th: 9:30-7:00pm
Friday, Dec. 9th: 12:00-7:00pm (more trees arrive
Saturday, Dec. 10th 9:30-6:00
Sunday, Dec. 11th, 10:00-6:00
… more to come!

2022 Tree Options:

We mostly had Noble Fir, Nordmann Fir, and Fraser Firs this year. We have some Douglas Firs which are dense with soft needles and less beefy branches. Here’s how the others differ:

Noble Fir is a classic Christmas Tree with rich fragrance, well spaced, sturdy branches, and conical form. It can be narrow or bushy, and can have wide open spaces for hanging ornaments.

Nordmann Fir has deep color, dense foliage and light fragrance. They are very full trees in terms of both branches and foliage, and they have excellent needle retention.

Fraser Fir has sturdy branches that curve upwards, for a slimmer shape. Needles are dark on top and light underneath giving it a wintery frosted-appearance. Pleasant woodsy scent.

Tree Longevity

If you buy a tree early, leave it outside as long as possible. Make sure to put the fresh cut trunk in water right away, indoors or out. When it does come inside, set it up away from a heat source. Remember, these are not living trees. They are more like cut flowers, and they had a pretty dry summer.

Wreath Decorating Station

We have all the bling, bows and birds to create your own beautiful wreath. Glue gun is ready and our staff are here to help! Wreaths range in sizes from 10″ to … giant! 

Holiday Special Hours

Wednesday-Friday: 9:30am-7:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm

Dec. 24th: 9:30am – 2:00pm
Closed Dec. 25th & 26th
Dec. 27th – January 31st, closing at 5:00pm


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