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Leafy Companions Delivered Weekly

Located in the gift shop, our Houseplant section was full of lush plants of all sizes. Whether you have a bright sunroom or an inner office, we could help you find plant companions! 

New houseplants were ordered and delivered each week and included leafy tropical plants, spiky desert cacti, unusual epiphytes, and mixed terrariums

We were happy to help you choose, and our talented Houseplant team could even meet with you individually to diagnose, repot, or help you add to your plant collections. See below.

We had free Houseplant Classes annual. Find links on our Events page

Houseplant Help!

Our team was amazing giving plant advice and care tips and could diagnose issues or give suggestions on plants to purchase. 

We offered repotting services for plants and/or pots purchased at our store and hope to offer this service in any new place we occupy!

TESTIMONIAL“I just wanted to thank you for the helpful houseplant consultation … I followed the advice that the plant person offered. I had been putting liquid fertilizer in the water every time I watered my money tree (according to the package directions) and it looked quite sick. Cutting the fertilizer back to once a month helped so much! Thanks again for such a wonderful service!